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catch your own?

Here in NC, a lot of Vulgaris are caught in Sea Bass Pots (like crab pots). Our aquarium got several that way. Unfortunately these guys are a little larger since the small ones usually squeeze right back out.
I remember watching the Jacques Cousteau Octopus, Octopus film, and them showing mediterranean fisherman catching octos (and then dispatching them!! :frown: ) in jars that they had tied to ropes... being as it was a good den the octo would move in and then they'd just reel it up. I've heard this same technique described elsewhere, and I would attempt this if I were to try to catch my own octo, but I don't have a tank (even tho where I live is prime bimac country)
sorry about not responding to all these great ideas ,my modem tore up and i had to have it fixed, but thanks so much and i can/will try them all. i could probably just buy one but i think it'll be more interesting this way!
My dive group has a novel way of collecting octopus when they go on gathering trips. They grab zillions of seashells from the bottom and stuff them in a bag. Back at the boat, they simply spread the shells out on the deck of the boat and let the sun do it's job. within minutes, baby octopuses will emerge, searching for life-giving water.

The octopuses you usually catch in North Carolina to Florida include O. Briareus, O. Vulgaris and O mercatoris, with Briareuses being by far the most common. It's actually pretty hard to get your paws on a vulgaris.

Rocking, Jimbo
Wow! How exciting to catch your own!!! Shame I am flying to the Keys! If I was driving, I may be tempted to try to bring one back!!! My son and I are going to try the shell thing anyway!!!

I just found out something exciting yesterday at the aquarium where I work. Some one I know there told me about a trip to Cape Lookout, NC last summer. They went snorkeling at the southern end of Cape Lookout on the sound side in a bay area called "The Hook". They picked up shells in about 4 feet of water and saw 3 octopus that day. All three were hiding in large whelk shells. He said one even interacted with them, poking his head out and changing colors before it crawled out and swam away. I went down to the Cape last month and the water is crystal clear and the bottom is nothing but shells. Needless to say, my girlfriend and I have made plans to go snorkeling there this Sunday. Wish us luck and I'll let you know how it goes. John
wishing you luck and letting you know i'm jealous. i haven't had any luck yet and i can't say we have anywhere like that here, but i know they're out there! please let me know how it goes!
the weather looks like it should be great Sunday so I'll keep my "tentacles" crossed. My girlfriend keeps insisting that the one Bimaculoides we have is enough and we don't need to bring any more new species home. But what if I happen to bring home a pretty whelk shell and then when we get homesomething with 8 arms crawls out of it...whoops honey, how'd that get in there :twisted:
it's such a let down isn't it? you have it in the back of your mind you might not be successful, but you're still almost sure you will be then... :frown: my kids want me to just buy one already they're tired of waiting...

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