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cant believe ive not posted a picture of this yet

Mar 13, 2010
Northern NJ
I received this stand as a gift from a friend last christmas. he made it in college and had it functioning in his house for many years until he decided to get out of aquariums for a while. we went to art school together and he knew i loved my tanks and would take good care of it. when i set it up i thought putting an actual octopus in the tank would seem kind of cliche, so i have my fish in it, placed between the kitchen and the living area.




my secret diabolical plan is that the imperater and tuskfish will outgrow the octo-stand tank within a year or so, necessitating a much larger tank (150-250) and the octo-stand tank will become another cuttle tank. its just a matter of my significant other *realizing* (falling in love with the fish/cuttles and deciding to cast reason to the wind in order to best care for them) that we actually "need" another tank.

thanks for the comments. i will pass on the complements to the artist. he spent countless hours making it. he also made two others that were designed to accommodate 50gal. breeder tanks if anyone wants one. they have never been for sale, but they are not being used and i can only imagine that he would be motivated to sell one or both of them.

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