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Can i Keep a Ceph?


Apr 24, 2004
Hi all,
I would just like to know if it was possible for me to keep a Ceph in my tank. The tank is a 6x2x2 Reef with only a lion fish and sohal tang in there. Would it be possible to keep a Ceph in there and keep him happy? have about 100kg of live rock.

well, you run into problems anytime you try to mix fish and cephs...the fish either peck at the ceph, or the ceph eventually eats the fish. I am not saying it is impossible, but very,very unlikely that it would work out well for the animals.
You would be better off setting up a 55 gallon reef tank with low lighting and picking up a bimac from octopets...happier all of the way around !
Good luck!
Your tank would is suitable for a bimac, I'm not sure how well it'll do with the inhabitants, How big is the lion? My ceph ate my dwarf lion which was a little larger than itself.
Oh i see, i thought the sohal might be food, but never the lion. Anyway, i dont want to loose either fish, i might setup a ocoto tank later down the track.

Thanks for replying.

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