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Jul 24, 2003
I have read a post from Oct/Nov 02 regarding calcium and that there are sufficent levels provided in the salt for an octopus.

However, I was wondering if anyone else has any views on this. As I was reading from an article in the Fins website last night, were it was spoken of inverts requiring calcium i.e. shrimps to renew their shells etc. but octo's individually were not mentioned in this section.

Obviously octo's are soft with the solid part only being the beak, so this may explain the small amount required. But people dont refer to any calcium parameters they keep in their setups.

Does anybody keeping just an octopus keep an eye on their calcium parameters etc?
It is normally accepted that we ceph keepers end up doing more frequent water changes than a typical reef keeper and therefore the calcium levels tend not to get exhausted as quickly as a reef tank as they are continually being topped up, also people dont tend to keep many inverts with their octo so its not getting used up so quick... just aim for typical marine tank parameters

Cheers Nancy & Colin

Well that certainly puts that matter to bed. Nice one.

Im beginnning to be overcome in the joy that my passion in wanting to keep an Octopus is considerably lucky compared to the other bits an bobs reef-keepers have to deal with!!!
Oh yes!

Its nice not having to hang my head in shame if the nitrate creeps up to 10ppm and stuff like that LOL
On a serious note, you are hopefully seeing that all the rubbish that was written and siad about them in the past has very little truth in it about how impossible they are to keep!

Yeh! Im definetley noticing that it is not as difficult as the first impression I got. Suppose the most difficult thing is having to learn how to actually keep saltwater etc....

Since my most exotic species to date is a black moor when I was about 12 yrs old!!!! ha ha I make myself laugh everytime I think of that and what im about to take on!!!!

Well, im just waiting for the bloke to return from his hols in a week or so who is selling the tank etc. Then I just need the skimmer, filter and aquascaping and I think im laughin to get on with the tank cycling.......

Then I can laugh at Elliot everytime he has to do, well god knows what he does to that reef but it takes loads of time!!!!

Cheers for replies.

Im off for a glass of milk for me calcium!!!!

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