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but who will watch the kids?

i got crabs

May 19, 2005
hi, i need to go away for about 5 days and was wonderin if anyone had any advice on how to handle feeding, ect. with such a long abscence. i will have the lighting situation taken care of in a few days as im buyin a moonlight see'n as all you's have really recommended them. i will hook this and his flourescent to a timer to mimic real light changes.(right now i do it manually but was considerin usein the timer see'n as i had to pull a few late nights at work and i dont wana stress my guy out. ill do a hefty water change the night before and check the water parameters again in the morning. my real big concern is food. i could add 5-10 live crabs to the tank as he will hunt them down himself but hes a glutton and ive seen him eat 3 at one sitting. i could have someone at my house feed him but im concerned they wouldnt quite grasp the whole"hes strong enough to open the lid if its not weighted down, himself!"idea. any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. hell, id even take critisisms at this point.
I would give a healthy meal, and then leave the tank closed while you are gone...untrained help usually leads to disaster !!
thank you cthulhu77, yea thats what ill do. maybe i release like 5 or so crabs into the tank when hes not lookin and then give him some shrimp to munch so hes distracted. thers always like 1 or 2 crabs that hes over looked hiden in da tank but he finds them sooner or later and pulls them out of there holes. wish i had a camera at the time but a few nights ago i dropped this big crab into the tank. he was about the size of my octo(usually there smaller). the crabs hanging on to this peice of rock and the octo is dragging the crab,rock across the tank back to his den. ah well, we all have dem big fish storys.
just a quick follow up, i took your advice greg and gave him a shrimp before i left. i also threw about a bakers dozen of them snails that burrow under the sand( i cannot recall there name at this time) i returned tonight to find a nifty little pile of just about a dozen snails stacked up around 1 of his dens and him smirken in da corner. hes doin good. will do a big water change tommorow.

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