bring back my tanks, need ideas for a 180gal.


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 9, 2007
Hello everyone.. I was refered to this site from reef central. Its been a while since i've searched forums, anyways...
Several years ago I was deep in propagating corals, raising Bimac octopi. playing with mantis shrimp, the works. Well after haveing to break all the tanks down, to afford to finish my last couple of years of college, and becoming a father, I have since been drooling for the day that I could get back into this beutiful science and hobby. Well after doing some summer cleaning, I decided to move my 180gal back into the house!
I have pretty much all my hardware a reefer could ever want aswell as some now dead- liverock, that I didnt sell, fresh water feeders are cheap from a fish hatchery down the street, and I have a nice discount on saltwater feeders from a marine aquarium store I use to work at. Anyways I've been looking through the forums. I dont think I can afford to go full blown reef tank at this time as far as upkeep expenses go, and cost of frags. So my first intention was todo a ceph tank.
Can anyone suggest which cuttlefish's species I should look into. I'd love todo a group. I believe in my brief reading so far that they can be kept in groups aslong as they are well fed and grouped young plus if I decide to throw some corals in at some point, it wouldne be a problem which is great. How large are adults? If not cuttlefish I wouldnt mind carring for an octopus. If I go this route which species other than perhaps a Bimaculoid would be suggested. I would love something with a little bit more size to it than a Bimac, to better fill a 180gal, but i guess the more room for the better. Its gonna be a while yet to get the tank running and cycling... so The venture of reading begins!
Can anyone suggest reliable retailers for these species aswell.

Thanks, Swann

anyother resources I can look into other than ... Octopus, Squid, Cuttlefish, and Nautilus - The Cephalopod Page ?
Hi and welcome to! :welcome:

Welcome back to the saltwater world!

I'd suggest you follow the Ceph Care forums for information on which species are being kept. In Journals and Photos, the List of Our Octopuses might be interesting to look at, and the Octopus Availability Thread under Octopus Care. Several people are currently keeping cuttles, the species kept is S. bandensis - you'll find accounts of cuttle raising in the Cuttlefish Care Forum.

Glad to have you with us,

:welcome: Swann.

O. vulgaris might suit you, but it would be 1 to a tank!!!!

Also (yes I'm on my hobbyhorse again!) don't feed FW feeders as a staple diet, nutritionally they're all wrong for cephs, OK as a treat, but you want to feed SW species primarily!

Since it's going to be a while before you're setup is ready, you might just linger around the forums and check the availability threads in both the cuttlefish and octopus care forums. There are a few people here supplying members with eggs/babies from both, seasonally.

Much more reliable in the sense that you know what species you'd be getting, as well as their age.

Welcome to TONMO!
Thank you everyone.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! Ive kept a Bimac, before and he was awsome! but if I dont go with a cuttle ill probably try and expierance a O. Vulgaris, just because I'd like todo something different. Im gonna be working on the plumbing this week. so I have a ways to go and i am not one to rush. I think ill take the advise above..and tred water to catch the trends of whats being done, as far as getting a hold of some of these species, and decide when im closer to putting a something in the tank. Just so hard to decide!! Another octo? or a Cuttle. If the time comes, and I can get a hold of a larger species cuttlefish I'll probably go that route, but if not.. ill fall back to the octo. Ill post pics and updates..

Thanks Again!

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