BRIARUS for sale

Dec 14, 2007
There is a briarus for sale at an LFS near me that is definetly just that, I've seen it myself. It is a very reliable LFS and the octopus is well cared for apart from being in a tank that is slightly smaller than it should be in. This guys also a baby as it's relatively small (size of maybe a small orange or clemantine balled up) I'm not sure how much it is, but I am willing to go out and pick it up and ship it to anyone that wants it. If anyones interested I can find out how much it is for you. I will require that you paypal me or send me cash or check for the octopus, shipping, shipping materials, and everything that is involved with sending you the octo before I send it to you (I will be as cheap as I possibly can). This is a great chance for someone to get a young octo with a definite ID from a reliable source (yours truly :smoke:). I don't know how long the octo will last, judging by the aquariests around hear probably a while, but I will not be able to offer this to you unless you contact me by August 1 as soon after that I'm heading off on a Sea turtle research project in Georgia, then going on vacation, then school starts :mad: and I won't have time.