Briareus or Pygmy..Need Help Finding one

Jan 11, 2008
Hi All-

Anyone know where I can buy a youthful oct, I just lost mine today....:cry: I have people who can get me older ones, but for some reason the younger ones and pygmys have not been out as much. Looking for assistance on a dependable source please.

Thanks folks-

RIP :angelpus: briareus seems to be readily available right now, I guess it's the right season for them.

Are you fairly sure you know what the cause of death is (e.g. natural old age or it never recovered from shipping stress)? I'd encourage you to be extra sure that your tank's water parameters are OK before getting a new octo...
yeah, as monty says, give that tank a good clean out, give the substrate a good mix about and a nice big water change.

It is the briareus season so keep you eyes peeled!

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