Briareus baby update


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
We have had three more sightings of our little briareus. It comes out about 10:00 pm, when the lights in the kitchen have been off for a while. This has made it impossible to get photos so far.

Her temporary name is Little Pod. She's about the size Ollie was when she arrived - about a one inch mantle. She is not heavily textured and is often red brown, but sometimes her arms are very light.

Last night and tonight I put out small pieces of thawed frozen shrimp and she's taken them. I also bought a couple of fiddler crabs and red legged hermit crabs for her. She's already eaten hundreds of amphipods that were in the tank - that's what she lived on.

She has a good den behind and under the live rock. I think she's been watching us for a long time and is only now beginning to show herself.

We are still in shock that we suddenly have an octopus!

Hi Nancy!

Littlel Pod!! I like that!!! I bet she has been watching you!!! How big will she get? What size tank do you see her ending up in? I have hope maybe I'll get a pleasant surprise one day from Rummlers babies :mrgreen: !!

well carol.. it just goes to show that it might well happen.. especially since your tanks are mature too, plenty amphipods...

nancy ~ Do you not mean to call it 'Little 'Pod Muncher'?

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