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Apr 18, 2004
as the net has such a lack of info apart from tonmo, i have decided to look at books...

Any suggestions?

So far the best ones i have come across are 'cephalopod behaviour' and 'cephalopods - a world guide' but i am looking less towards the brief meaningless descriptions of SOME of the cephs in australia or the world and more towards the detailed stuff...

thanks for your suggestions!
Exactly what are you interested in?

There are not a lot of books on cephs. I suppose you've seen the TONMO book reviews (click on Entertainment and scroll down until you find the book reviews).

Mark Norman's book contains a lot more than just descriptions - a number of smaller articles on various ceph topics. I'd recommend it highly. Photos are good, too.

thanks - i didn't know there were book reviews too!

i am looking for something with an emphasis or at least a lot on cuttlefish but not excluding other cephs... is there a book like that?
My previous post appeared twice - I tried to delete one, but both were deleted - strange - so this thread may not make so much sense - I had recommended that oscar buy Cephalopods, A World Guide because it had 50 pages on cuttlefish, plus lots of info on other cephs.

i also have the care and management of cephalopods in the laboratory by PR Boyle.. its not bad but difficult to get...
yes it has a fair bit that can be used across the board... Not a huge book and to be honest most of what is in it has been put into practice on these forums.

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