Book... (to all the moderators)

Sep 25, 2004
To all the moderators.... Have u guys ever considered writing a book about keeping cephs? I mean u guys have like alot of expeirience with these things! I bet everyone here would buy it! I mean u guys have Collin Dunlop & Miss King, probally the some of the best aquariests I ever met! Then u have Phil... He could write all bout' the history of this kinda thing! And steve O'Shea! He knows loads bout' squid! And Brian Walls he could write bout' how important they are to society today! And everyone else! Tony, Kat, Melissa! U guys know just about everything there is to know about cephs! Take it under advisement! A book would be great! I know I would buy it!
The book idea is a good one, but the problem is finding the time to do it.

If you really want a book then you should work out the chapters you want covered, and the sort of content you want in any chapter. You've also got to pitch it to a certain level; beginner, med and advanced, or, somehow, and this is where it gets difficult, pitch to all.

I've 2 books in prep right now, and a ton of papers, and I've been unable to pick up none over the past 8 months. It's very frustrating!
What would be REALLY amusing would be if we all wrote each others sections. It could be put in the Top 10 Comedy Section down at Waterstones....

:D :madsci: :bonk:
Oooooh... Well u do have alot of people! Oh well it was worth a shot... I would like to write a book, I love writing! Sounds kinda hard though... But ur writing non fiction right? Hope those 2 books work out for u!
Great! Now everybody, gimme the papers, and written legal documents, clearly stating permission to use your material. (a bit of funding wouldn't hurt either, me & octomush are just 13 year olds you know.)

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