Blinky the Bimac!

Oct 13, 2005
Hey! Well, I got my 4 1/2 month old bimac from Zyan Silver today. I'm going to call it a girl, but it's only a guess. I named her Blinky because she does the Pac Man thing where she flashes her eye spot. She flashes it bright blue to tan over and over again rapidly. I was seeing if she would let me get close to her, and she grabbed a hold of my finger, and I pulled back. She inked twice, and the filter got it, but will this hurt her in any way? There are crabs probably the same size as her in the tank, and I was wondering if they would attack or kill her? Also, her tentacles are curled, but not up, they are curled sort of sideways when she is sitting on the sand bed. How long before she is active? Right now she is just sitting on the sand bed, breathing moderately hard. She will occasionally pick up a snail, hermit, or small crab and bury it in the sand. She's evil, lol! Here's a picture of her sitting on the sand reaching for a marble.


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Ok, the lights are off, and she's still just sitting on the bottom...she's not huddled in a corner or anything, just sitting there. She's even letting the crabs touch her with their legs when they walk past.
Give her time, the stress of travel, acclimitization and human hands can all cause her to stress out - leave the lights out and let her calm down - check on her in the morning, but leave her alone tonight.
Yes, let her settle down and then explore her tank. No fingers for a while, until she gets to know you better. You want to build trust.

Blinky is a nice name. Welcome to Blinky and I'll add her to the List of our Octopuses.

Ok, the past 2 days she has been hiding in a little cave in one of my rocks. She hasn't come out to eat, explore, anything. She also didn't eat the first day. That means no food for 3 days the poor little thing. How long can 4 1/2 month old baby bimacs go without food? There are small hermits, snails, and then shore crabs in there for her. I just wanna know when everyone thinks she'll eat. I'll go look for crab remains, and empty shells.
It's not uncommen for babies to hide. I remember one of my bimac babies in the past, stayed out of sight for almost 2 weeks. The more secure they feel in their environment, which means, observing only, not trying to find them, no threatening creatures in their tank, the more quickly they seem to become curious about the world outside their tank. He'll come around!
When it first arrives, a young bimac may choose to move about at night or even stay completely hidden while right in plain site (I say this from experience).

Yah, most of mine come out at night. Also, I am sure he has gotten some food. Unless you are watching 24/7 he is walking around the tank when you aren't looking, or at least getting a crab. They are very sneaky! BTW they are funny when they touch u!
No, he hasn't eaten anything (unless he's eating some amphipods). I have 2 crabs in the tank, and 7 hermit crabs. All the hermits always hang out on a rock off of the main structure, because they hunt little things in it. Also, when she's resting, she is constantly showing a green sheen.

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