Blair's Mountain King


Aug 5, 2006
Yeah yeah, I know, it has a spine and nary a pod to be found but I was packing up some of my artwork and stopped to admire this awesome watercolor that I have of one. I actually have about 7 or 8 pieces of work by the artist that painted this one, perhaps more and that might make me the largest collector of his works around.
Ole Greg used to work for me. I owned a fair sized exotic petshop/aquarium and Greg was my main man.
Just thought I would stop by and say hi.
Perhaps I might tell a few stories of him and I. 30 hours ring a bell, greg?
My daughter's first pet was an octopus.(I thought I would throw that in to keep the thread on cephatopic)
Blair and I tore around the southwest for a few years, showing up at different events and locales in various states of sweat, sunburn, and yahoo.
It was him that actually percolated the idea in my brain to start to keep cephs, as the store I worked at had everything and anything an animal fancier could want.

Jeez. Look what you did !

Suspect maybe, I have alibis though. Thanks for the welcome.

And don't blame me for your perversions, Greg, you have had years to get professional help.

I still have that regen blower btw. neener

I left this page up and now my kid wants another octopus.

Well, what could be better for a studio than an octopus? Besides, it would give you something to do with your spare time.

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