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bionic architecture and humboldt squid


Dec 13, 2005
I am very new to this site.. but have been using it extensively for information. I was following the forum discussion about a 3-d animator and his search for the physiology connectivity and details of the giant squid.

I have read through basic info, seen videos and done about 80 sketches of the humboldt squid as I am on a process of understanding this species better to derive an inspiration for a design project for the semester project. If you are interested to see what I am talking about check this out for a sound basic explanation http://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/tv/bionic_buildings/index.shtml

I am looking for detailed drawings, pictures, dissections, movement analysis, the changing skin colour and the technology employed by the humboldt squid. It would be great if you can lead me into more detailed research with specifc species-devoted information. All of my research so far has been on the surface and I have not seen any graphical analysis of this highly elegant and swift creature.

I shall refine my request the next time making it more precise, but if you can throw in some quick sights for a warm up I will be glad.

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