Biochemistry in cephalopod research


Dec 5, 2004
Next year I will be going to university to study biochemistry, I was wondering how after the course is finished I would be able to get involved in exhibitions, research projects, involving cephalopods or any other marine animals. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Biochemistry is a great field. You can easily orient your career toward ecotoxicology. There is also all the research being conducted on nervous systems of cephs (Google search for Giant nerve fiber or axon).
Very much a useful tool for marine biology research if you're into it. I discovered that i wasn't :wink: i'm more of a broad/holistic approach myself. Still i wish i had time to actualise my knowledge in biochem as I'm sure a lot of the techniques can be creatively adapted to my work. Or the stuff i remember from learning a few years back can be done for way cheaper now :biggrin2:

Good luck with it! :smile:

Oh.. and :welcome: to TONMO

Yeah thanks, that’s reassured me in my choice of course. Have you personally or do you know anybody who as been on any expeditions to research particular marine activities, as I was wondering if being able to scuba dive would be useful?

thanks for the welcome
When it comes to working on deep-sea cephs/stuff, SCUBA proves useful purely for visual imagery - you know, pics of expedition hero jumping in water when net or sub is coming up, or fearlessly jumping in water in the middle of the night, middle of the ocean, bright lights (to get imagery of the juvenile cephs in the upper 10-or-so metres), but in general, for an 'expedition' (usually involves BIG $$ and BIG equipment), SCUBA isn't that helpful.

An 'expedition' is a funny term to use. A trip out in a boat for coastal dives could be called an 'expedition', if you have an aim, particularly if you are looking for something, though I think 'expedition' in the context you (and most people) use it is when you start chartering stuff, spending colossal dollars, have many personnel doing their bit, are gone for several weeks, and the whole thing is caught on film.

Me, my preference is for the small 'expedition', 1-4 people, day- or overnight trips, set and achievable objectives, multiple dives for therapy, a little fishing, and NO CAMERAS, although I've done a few of the larger/longer ones.
I used the term expedition after reading the article about you on the discorvery channel website stating that you were going on a couple 'expeditions' in search of the giant squid.
Although I still think going away for a couple of weeks would be fun. Those small trips sound like what i want to do, (hope it can pay off my debts after university.....)

thanks again for the help

So, what do I need to be the next Dr.Steve O'Shea ( aka Big Meany)?

I know you need other stuff that a name that says SOS....

Kat on radio: SOS! SOS! Our boat is sinking!
Steve O'Shea: Then call SOS!!!
Kat: I was....
Steve O'Shea said:
I think that you'll find that it has the exact opposite effect.
yeah :sad:
Not only that but it even gets worse debt wise.... *shrugs*
That's ok as long as you got your health right?
*sputters* much for that....need my formalin fix, everything feels so much better after inhaling some 40% formalin....

I realised it wouldn’t be beneficial to my debts; it was a small pun which failed miserably. I’m off to revise chemistry, yey for me....

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