Bimacs for sale/trade

Maybe I'm reading this post wrong - people order from you and your uncle brings them down, along with the one for you?

No...he is coming down, and he lives in a remote place, so SoCal would be a better place to A) ship them and B) have people pick them up...
He wants me to gather some people because he can't keep them forever. He comes down once every 2 years, so its not that often. He lives in Oregon BTW.
Folks, I split this thread into a couple of different ones and removed some posts that didn't fit. Please use this thread for the discussion of available cephs. There is an interesting discussion / debate going in the Octopus Care forum about responsible cephkeeping and breeding, made up of posts removed from this thread. Please go there to have that discussion -- thanks!
Hey, cous don't confuse my contacts. I would rather have you contact people locally, I post on this site as it is.

?? what does that mean
Sorry -- need to ask a clarifying question of Alex or his cousin -- are these bimacs for sale or not?