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Bimac with Angler?


Oct 19, 2004
is this a possible combination? have you ever heard of this being tried before. i dont think the angler would bother the octo and for some reason i believe the octo would leave the angler alone. im not sure but i would definatly like to know because if its possible then im definatly going to go that way. if n e one has n e idea ur help would be appreciated.
Hi Phil

There have been a lot of debates about cephalopod mixing with fish and in almost all cases it results in one eating another. This includes cephs even eating lionfish and sharks. But i would guess that an angler would very quickly eat a small octopus and a larger octopus might try and eat an angler.. dont think I'd try

the most common outcome is the angler WILL EAT YOUR OCTO there is not a chance for the octo un less it is full grown but adult anglers have been know to consume anything. anglers are capable of eating meals twice there size i once had an angler and a bamboo shark in the same tank and the angler ate the shark. it later died cuz the meal was too large and resulted in bloating this could happen to your angler if it ate your octo SO PLEASE FOR THE ANGLERS AND THE OCTOS SAKE DONT MIX THEM OR YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS.
I'd have to agree with that. A cafe near my house recently got a bright yellow angler that proceeded to devour everything else in the tank.

I am currently keeping a clarkies clown with a bimac
I didnt want the bioload in my reef so I took the clown out they have been housed together for nearly a month now I felt terrible putting the clown in there but he is doing great I new he was a survivor after living in my friends nasty tank for 1 1/2 years it was the only fish that lived atleast 60 fish have died in that tank my friend finaly gave up fish tanks
its kind of funny how the octo is always going after the clown but the clown keeps his distance
I know one day the clown will be gone and I will feel terrible but till then I will keep the bimac well fed and hope the clown stays sharp
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