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Hello all,

I am keeping track of the bimac siblings. All who are not siblings can be cousins! I believe that all are tank raised bimacs. I have two groups - 2004 and 2004/5. The most recent group is listed first.

This are the lists I have so far (updated February 4, 2005, creating a 2005 Bimac Siblings list and adding Barnstorm's Ziggy).

2005 Bimac Siblings


2004/2005 Bimac Siblings (Second Group)

Lil Ze
Bonnie and Clyde
Dr. Octavius

Octorok (Aug 19 2004 - January 22 2005) 5 months
Crazy Legs (Ollie Jr.) (deceased)

2004 Bimac Siblings (First Group)

date of arrival / date of death

Lil Pumpkin (10/03/2003 - 03/14/2004) 5 1/2 mo
Truffles (02/13/2004 - 03/26/2004) 2 1/2 mo
Ashi (01/30/2004 - 05/26/2004) 4 mo
Inklet (02/21/2004 - 09/05/2004) 6 1/2 mo
The Agent (02/02/2004 - 10/10/2004) 8 1/4 mo
Ocho (02/13/2004 - 11/09/2004 9 mo

I will be editing and revising this list - I expect it to grow as we find others.
We had a total of eight siblings in 2003, although we just assumed that they were siblings.


Thanks for keeping track. I have not heard of a few of these so its nice to see the family tree. 8)

If this generation is an offspring of a previous breeding stock. I wonder, just wonder, who is an aunt or uncle????? :wink2:
Guess what??? Looks like Lil P maybe related also!!!

Here's Jim's reply: Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner, I was in Hawaii for the Marine Ornamentals Conference. I checked my records and I was selling cultured Octopus to fishsupply in October. There is a good chance that they are siblings because I only had two batches of octopus at that time, but I'm not sure which one the fishsupply ones came from.

So, odds are Lil P and Inklet are related and possably even siblings!!!

I checked the Octo DataBase, and there are others that may be siblings.

However, I think we should limit our siblings group to those octo keepers who want to be active in posting. It would be nice if everyone kept a journal, but it's not necessary. We need to track the lives of our siblings so that we learn more about them. We learned a lot from the last generation. Plus, it's fun to read about them and how they interact!

I've updated the siblings list to reflect Lil Pumpkin passing away.

I've also turned this thread into a sticky note, so it will stay at the top of the postings. I will keep the list current.

How big are all other the sibs?? It would be nice to somehow compare to see if there are any runts, giants, etc. No matter how big Ochi is getting I always wonder is he eating enough, or the right size.

This being my first octo it is hard to know with others info.

BTW - Ochi has about a 2" mantle and 4" arms.

Note from Nancy: Post your answer in the next Thread,
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