Bimac Siblings

Well, congratulations and welcome to Lil Ze!

I need to add several names to this list, so I'll be updating it soon and I'll include Lil Ze.


I've updated the list (the first post of this thread) today to include Lil Ze in the second group of Bimac Siblings (there may be more, I'll have to check again).

Also sad news, BOE's The Agent passed away on October 10. I've also added this information.

I've updated our bimac sibling list again (it's the first post of this thread). I've added Odo and recorded the passing of Ochi.

Nancy, I have been gone for a long time, as Crazy Legs (Ollie Jr.) past away, she found a way out of her tank and was found the next morning in the living room.

However Ashley and myself just got back from Octopets where we got 2 siblings. Bonnie and Clyde are 1 month old, and extremly small. I also talked to Jim about his new cuttle species, I regret to inform you all, that they had an accedent there a few days ago, and lost the whole batch... So it will be a while till they can get another batch of eggs to start raising the small species of cuttles.
Nice to hear from you again!

Sorry about Ollie Jr. (Crazy Legs), it's sad when they crawl out.

We've had several others that have escaped and died, too. (A couple of years ago, it was a common belief that biimacs never escaped - by carefully tracking our bimacs, we learned that they do get out of the tank.)

Also, thanks for the report on Octopets and too bad about the accident with the smaller species of cuttlefish. That will set them back a bit. A lot of people have been waiting for smaller cuttlefish.

I'm sure you and Ashley are happy to have little bimacs again. One month is very young - I don't believe they will eat frozen food until about two months. How will you handle two of them - will you put them in the same tank or separate tanks? Nice names, too - Bonne and Clyde!

It's been a little while now, they both are in the same tank, they leave one another alone, the only time they made contact was on the trip home, since then they have claimed there own large live rocks. Bonnie is the active one, she will come to the glass, play with the feeding stick, change colors often, and take shrimp from my hand, Clyde on the other hand is always hiding in his cave, which I can not even see into, I was afraid somthing had happened to him so a few minutes ago, I put the feeding stick into the cave and was happy to feel a tug on the other end, hopefully hes out tomorrow so I know hes getting fresh shrimp in his tummy. I believe Bonnie is taking the quick size advantage which scares me, I do not want 1 to bully the other.

But so far so good, I have been keeping food on hand to releave any fighting due to food.
Sorry I haven't put you on the list yet - I'll go ahead and do that. I just haven't had time to go back and look for siblings I missed.


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