Bimac Leaves His Tank During Feeding!!

Dr. Idso

Pygmy Octopus
Nov 9, 2003

Just got a few cool pictures to show you! Our pet bimac at school came out of the water today during feeding time! It was quite the wild thing!

As a side note: I've seen several recent posts about many of your bimacs inking in their aquariums. For the record, I've never had one ink in any of my aquariums while I was in my youth nor during the past five years in my 5th grade classroom as an adult. I usually have a class filled with 25 students who are constantly moving around by the bimac and making noise, since its tank is only about 5 inches away from our pencil sharpener! So I do wonder why my bimacs have never inked in their aquariums? Perhaps it could be a wild vs. tank-raised phenomenon, or perhaps, I've just been lucky all these years! :smile:

Thanks for listening.

Dr. Idso
Hi Dr. Idso,

Appriciate the interesting photos of your bimac coming out of the water - Ollie did that too a couple of times. I was surprised at how dark and slippery they look out of the water!

As for the inking, it happened only when Ollie was startled, for instance, when she was asleep suckered onto the front glass of the tank, and I turned on her light, not realizing she was asleep.

Since there is so much activity in the classroom at all times, maybe the bimac gets used to things and isn't easily startled.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

Thanks for posting these photos! When your octo left its tank, did it seem to want to get back into the water? I imagine people would feel a bit too warm and that it would want to "breathe" again.

I used to take my bimac out for very short periods once in a while, just to say Hi. Sometimes he was all for it, clinging to my hand when I put in the water and seeming quite calm when when he was put back in. Other times he would move away from my hand when it got close, which I took as "not right now."

The only time I ever saw him ink was when he got pestered by the damsels I used to cycle the tank, which I left in. I expected them to get eaten in short order but I guess he was just too lazy and well-fed. Sometimes when he was camoflauged a damsel would see just the tip of an arm wiggle, and nip it, thinking it was a worm or something. Sammy would get irritated and retreat, and a couple times he inked a little.

After a while I worried about the damsels stressing him, so I threw 'em in the freezer to be meals.

Sweet revenge :twisted:
Nancy's probably right about the inking, but my question is if this happened while your students were in the room, how did they react?
Thanks for sharing those awesome pics with us Dr.I , I was wondering, do you like always have the camera with you while feeding, or was it taken by chance?
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