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Nov 20, 2002
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Hi all,

Nepture has asked how big all the siblings are now. We know from last year that they differ in size as they grow. Since Neptune added his post to my Bimac Siblings sticky note, I thought you might miss it, so I'm repeating the question here:

How big are all other the sibs?? It would be nice to somehow compare to see if there are any runts, giants, etc. No matter how big Ochi is getting I always wonder is he eating enough, or the right size.

This being my first octo it is hard to know with others info.

BTW - Ochi has about a 2" mantle and 4" arms

So please report in - how big are the siblings (and if we've missed any bimacs who might be siblings, please report in as well).


Thanks Nancy, sorry to put that in such an obsucre spot. Was not certain if or if not it needed it's own thread :oops:

Also, thanks so far for everyone for reporting in!!!

It sounds like they all are about the same. Considering the arms strech so much! Sometimes I can't figure out how long they really are :bonk:
You're right about the measurement problem - we discussed this some time ago over in Steve's area and concluded that you couldn't get any definite measurements on a live octopus (except by weighing) because they are so stretchy. So we just approximate!

One thing to note - Jean pointed out that cephs continue to grow their entire lives, and that's certainly what Ollie did. She became even bigger in her den! Ollie stayed about the same size as the other bimacs for a long time, then they seemed to slow down and she had a growth spurt. I could never really determine that she was eating more than the other bimacs, either. I'll go back to the journals and photos and try to figure out when this happened. But one thing to note - she had sturdy little arms, even as a little bimac, never wispy.

Hi Nancy!

The "Sturdy Little Arms" is what I see in Inklet since the beginning!!! I really think he maybe as big as Ollie at some point! He eats daily. Can eat 4 nickle size snails and then look for more! Yesterday he ate a local clam about the size of a silver dollar! I tried the scallops but he had no interest. Seems to love the crabs, live or frozen and snails and clams!!

Here's a good size reference!! The clams shell across has to be 2" or a little bigger than a silver dollar!! He was trying to catch my fingers so arm length stretched, 4"?

It's interesting how they eat diffent things - Ollie wouldn't touch a clam but liked scallops (at least when she was younger). But Inklet seems to go for the big clams, and I believe Debbie (dbbga)'s Sam liked them, too.


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