Bigshow but not the wrestler.


Pygmy Octopus
Aug 25, 2003
Just letting everyone know who i am. I have been keeping fish for about 20 years off and on. I have had many different pets. I have raised a catshark from an egg and have done reef tanks for about five years now. I always wanted an octopus but had never seen any available in my area.
Until last week when I brought home henry(my kids love the wiggles-well not the two older ones but the other two do). I know that he is aqua-cultured but other than that not sure. Right now he is in a 20 gallon reef set up until I get his home up and running(65 gallon). I had two damselfish in the tank with him but moved one because it was pecking at him. He only seems to come out when the lights are off and I wonder if he is nocturnal or afraid of the other damsel.(having hard time catching second damsel short of taking reef apart) when the light is off he crawls all over and sometimes I see him during the day but he is usually close to some part of the reef-rock. I was wondering how often should he eat I have been feeding him live ghost shrimp that I keep in my kids fresh water tank. Is there any other suggestions for food? thanks for any responses in advance. Oh yeah bigshow is my nickname because people i work with think i look like the pro-wrestler. Thanks for all help

:welcome: to,
Well, how big is he? He might be a nocturnal species as he should be adjusted to the tank by now, however, the damsels might be annoying him (typical) or your lights might be too bright. Could ya' get pics so we can ID.
How big is he?

Hi my little friend is about 2 1/2" to 3" with his tentacles stretched out. I will get my wife to take some pictures to post but till then? I finally got that stupid damsel out, but I had to take a little bit of the reef apart. I fed him another ghost shrimp right out of my hand tonight . I am very excited. Since i took out the damsel henry has been cruising all over the tank we hoo! I can't wait to get some pictures up for everyone to see and hopefully someone can I.D. his species. Thanks again for any suggestions.
Welcome bigshow!

Good thing you got that last damsel, I read on here that they're bad news for octopuses...

When you get some pics be sure to post them over in the Journals and Photos forum...

Also try adding your tank to the OCTO Database. Very glad you're here!

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