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Big tank (for me)

Well done... never heard of the filter though so you'll need to tel us more about it...
nice one mate.

out of intrest is that US or UK gallons?

and what is this US an UK gallon difference all about eh!?!?!

do you think it was a bit like chinese whispers when they where goin to an fro on the boats in the old days!!!!
Its US Gallons.

I think its a pretty basic filter with only an intake and then the water goes though carbon and is pumped back out.

I think an oscar is pretty messy so do you think this is adequate filtration?

If you think I need better filtration please specify which filter to get as I am new at this!

i like big tanks.... i'm getting my first big tank tomorrow! all 75 gallons of it.....in my dorm room :biggrin2: i'm debating what to put in it. i would some day like to aquire a ghost or clown knife, but that may require more tankspace than that.
A person I work with, who knows I have aquariums (office nano), asked me if I wanted "a couple of old tanks and other stuff." I couldn't resist the temptation. I went to look expecting a 20L and a 10 gallon . What did I see, and 55 and an older 75 (no center brace and thicker glass). We grunted these into the truck and off I went. The other stuff was not too great, some 4' fixtures, an old HOB or 2, a Fluval Canister, but worth hauling off for sure. I have yet toset up either of thees tanks, but you never know what is you there for free.
Still Learning....

55 as octo is a real possiblility as the 75 is screaming reef, with exsisting 30L reef as sump. Lighting for the reef is tough, and expensive. I have a tank (30L, Damsel tank) below the reef that I was consiering for an Octo, but have been advised is not the best size, a bit too small. Only time will tell, but as I learn, I am hoping to someday provide a perfect Octo home.
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