Big Howdy from the great state of Texas


Aug 29, 2006
Just want to say hi to everyone i have gotten much info from this awesome site for my octo:biggrin2:.Keep up the great post and ill keep absorbing all the great information:cool2:.Here is small video clip of my current octo wich i believe to be aculeatus.I will also be getting a baby bimac from marinebio_guy in early october.

Unfortenly aculeatus was missin a couple arms and a few of them where cut short but they are regenrateing fast i have had he/she for about a month now this is my second octo and i have been into saltwater tanks about 5 years now:cool2:
Hey dutchcourage!!! Welcome to! These intros get by me sometimes... I'm glad you've joined our community!

That's a nice looking octo you've got. What was it doing as it climbed the tank there? Anything in particular? Looked like it was busy at something but I couldn't spot the behavior.

Welcome again!
Thanks Tonmo for the welcome and for this wonderfull site you have created! I cant believe how hard it is to get good info on octopus in the home aquaruim!

I think when i filmed that my octo had a mouth full of shrimp and kept seeing his reflection in the glass and it spooked him a little:lol:.He was still new to his tank about 5 days and kinda sketchy:shock:

sorseress;79803 said:
Ummm, does your name reflect your heritage?

unless he's biting the bullet and being humorous (which wins double points) i'll wager the guess that it's removed at least a generation....

the brits weren't exactly being magnanimous with that phrase....
Hi dutchcourage,

Welcome to the site and glad you find our information useful. :welcome:

You have a nice looking octopus. Many aculeatus are on the market now, so that could very well be what you have. A bimac is a good choice, too, and we'll be looking forward to more pics when he arrives!

You're not alone in being from Texas. There are several of us here in the Dallas area, a few from Houston, and others scattered about the state.

Did you attend the MACNA convention which I believe was this weekend in Houston?

Anyway, a warm welcome from a fellow Texan!

Wow thanks for all the replys i feel more welcome to jump into post now:biggrin2:

sorseress;79803 said:
Ummm, does your name reflect your heritage? (Or maybe a propensity to like liquid courage????):mrgreen:

:lol: This was a joke between my freinds when i was younger and enjoyed beer a lot.I am Dutch/German/English and my freinds knew that and some times when i had to much to drink i thought i could walk through walls or take on a army wich wasnt always true lets just say it caused me a lot of pain and black eyes when i was younger!Almost hitting 30 now and slowed down about 5 years ago when my son was born i use it as my screen name for almost everything.Just kinda stuck with me

As far as naming my octopus i have not i dont normally name pets that cant respond to sound of there name.I have a deaf solid white cat we have had for like 6-7 years and she comes by handle signals we call her the white cat:lol:.The octopus i tap Lightly on the glass three times and he/she pops head out of the den cuse that means food so basiclly thats like calling out to him.If the members here at Tonmo would like to name he/she i would be honored i have attached some thumb links to some pictures i took tonight of him/her if it would help with a name.Maybe yall could help me verfiy that he/she is a aculeatus.

Nancy i was not aware of MACNA Convention but after googling it i wish i would have been! Always good to meet another Texan:biggrin2:

Thanks for all the welcomes
Jeremy Lewis
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