Howdy! from Texas


Nov 26, 2013
Central Texas
It's a cliche, but I really do say it when I meet new people, so howdy all!
I'm Emilee, from central Texas. I don't own an octopus yet, but I decided to join because I figured I could learn a lot so that I can get everything (at least mostly) right the first time and don't end up mistreating my octopus unintentionally.

I've learned most of what I know about modern saltwater aquarium keeping from the internet. I have quite a bit of practical experience from helping my father with his growing up (he kept several beautiful tanks and I helped quite a bit from age ten and on). I just worry my experience is a little dated considering I've been out of his house for three years. But I've spoken with him about keeping one, and he's offered advice, but never expressed any concern of me lacking the knowledge or ability, so that gives me hope.

I've heard wonderful things about Tonmo from various other fishy forums I've been to in search of information. When it comes to Cephs, everyone recommends tonmo, so kudos to all you informative folks.

I should have my tank set up by/around Christmas time, and of course I already know I need to let it run a few months so the environment is just right (I forget the term, but I'm sure at least some of you know what I'm talking about).

I'd really like to find a bimac. From what I've read, they seem to be exactly what I want. (And what my husband wants. The octopus will be "his" in the sense that it's his slightly belated Christmas present, but I'll be the one taking care of it because he works so much, and I'm a stay at home mom.) So I'll have the joy of taking care of another living thing and won't suffer the withdrawals of my baby not needing me so much, and he can take video of his octopus to show off to his friends. It's a win-win.

I'm pretty sure I had more I wanted to share, but I've lost my train of thought, and I have to run to the store apparently (I was just told this). So thanks to everyone in advance, I look forward to learning from anyone willing to share.
:welcome: Oh.Emi! You've come to the right place for the answers to your questions. I hang out in the fossil forum so I can't help but someone will be along shortly to guide you to the appropriate forums and to answer any question you may have. :)
:cuttlehi:Oh.Emi! We have several people just starting to built out their tanks so I will point you to some of these recent threads for an initiation.

First, there are two in the Tank Talk forum that I would recommend:
Newbie tank: Temperate or Tropical? Windsbro joined after he purchased a tank and stand and is now in the planning and configuring stage. He will be building a tank suitable for a bimac but I will recommend against it for you, see his thread (and another I will recommend) as to why.

Thoughts on a SeaClear tank for cephs? Pyrosnowman joined before he purchase his tank but had a tank in mind. We discussed octoproofing and there are some links to ideas.

In the Octopus Care forum, I will point you to these newest entries but many are worth reading:
First octopus Octodad17 plans on keeping a dwarf species. The thread has additional links to some of the recommended (and not desired) tank mates.

my first octopus tank caudill187 requested species information and I listed the animals we typically see along with some of their attributes. This post will make it clearer why an O. bimaculoides is not likely practical for you but recommended for Windsbro.

If you need a little help with inserting pictures or using the forum, there is a new post that may be helpful ,
2013 Forum Tips and Tricks - New Xenfro Bulletin Board at the top of the Octopus' Den forum.

Enjoy! We look forward to your next set of questions, hearing your adventure and seeing your husband's photography! Please consider journaling your tank build out and, of course, your octopus.
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Thanks so much for the reading. Turns out I seriously need to check my sources a little better while reading up. I think I was reading about the hummelincki and the bimaculoides and either getting them confused, or they were being misrepresented. Thanks for the clarification. If I have questions about what you've posted, would it be off topic to ask here? (I mean should I start a new thread with those questions in a more appropriate section of the forum?)
Ceph care is probably the best forum for direct questions about octopuses in general and Tank Talk for environment. It certainly makes it easier for me to cross reference questions and help introduce people that are all starting out at the same time. It is easy to confuse the Caribbean Two Spot with the Pacific Two Spot and we see it all the time when offered for sale. They look similar but are quite different in needs. The bimac (if kept at proper temperatures) live longer but, as I referenced, are much harder to obtain. Be sure you read the Box of Chocolates warning though as well as understand that they are short lived and you need to plan for more than one species.

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