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Benthoctopus wut is it?


Jun 15, 2005
i was just wondering, there are soooo many different species of octo,so wut is a Benthoctopus?does anyone know much about them, please explain,size,traitslife span ect.
im just intrested in learning more about the different species of octo,thanks!!!

heres a pic of Benthoctopus :biggrin2:hes sooo cute!!!


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If you're interested in octopuses and in all cephs, here's a very good book for you. The link below leads you to a review of this book:

Cephalopods: A World Guide

This book by Mark Norman will answer many of your questions and contains outstanding photos.

But, to give you more of an answer, the word 'benthic" means bottom dwelling.

Benthoctopus is the name of a genus, a cateory of octopuses. There are a number of species with the name Benthoctopus such as Benthoctopus levis

...just watch you don't get hassle from posting other people's pictures too :wink:
I think that the reason not many people keep them will be temerature related, they like it reallly cold, but I do know that James Wood (ceph) did a lot of work with thema while back... Maybe try cephbase? Or The Cephalopod Page
Just comparing photos, I think it looks very much like Benthoctopus levis - in fact, the photo you posted looks exactly like the photo in the Cephalopods of the World book, only there it has a black background.

nini, this is not a common octopus. This little octopus is only known from one island in the Indian Ocean - so you will never be able to keep it (unless you become a marine biologist :smile: )


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