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Beginner from France.


Mar 18, 2007

I'm new on this forum, and i found already many things on it. It's really amazing for someone like me who likes so much those animals, cos i didn't find before this week on internet a forum which could talk about those great ceph. It's done now.

Well, if it's not the good place for my new post, sorry for that.

- I would like to know firstable, which little octopus and where it could be possible to find one for sell ?
As i'm leaving in france, it's may be hard. But i've never find a place where i could buy an octopus.

- If i want only one small octopus, could you tell me the minimum size for an aquarium or tank ?
( A friend of mine, could help me for a "sea aquarium", cos he has one already since many years )

- Which temperature need an octopus in aquarium ?

Thanks a lot !, and sorry for my poor english :biggrin2:

First off, welcome to Tonmo !
Secondly, be sure to read the Ceph Care articles written by staff members...they will answer most of your questions, if you have any that are different, just post up a query.


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