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Beginner :D

Feb 22, 2007
At the moment im just costing things up for a Marine tank, with an aim to keep cuttle fish after some experience. would a tank like:
be suitable with its filters and such? Also what other equipment would you recomend (brands and such) for the protien skimmer,size of quarenteen tank etc.
P.S My experience has only been with freshwater fish and other non-marine animals eg (cats,dogs,cows,sheep and pigs)
There are a lot of resources within this community that will answer the questions you're asking. I know somewhere around here, there's a thread floating around about protein skimmers. There's also a forum for tank setups. Try searching around a little and I bet you'll find answers to your questions! :smile:
Hi Mike,

First of all, are you in the UK? (I'm guessing that from the link for a tank). You'd have access to different cuttlefish than we do here in the US.

Look at the top of this thread, where the "stickies" are. You'll find a whole thread on protein skimmers and also a very interesting thread on which equipment people have and what they paid for it.

If you want to keep S. officinalis, you'll need a bigger tank, although what you ave would be large enough for S. bandensis or various species of octopus.

I hope some of our UK members will reply to this, too.


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