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Before I buy a cuttle & Tank

Nov 18, 2004
Hello everyone !

I guess you could say I am in a good position because I don't have a cuttle or a tank. I think that a cuttle is by far my favorite thing about saltwater aquariums. I have been thinking and thinking about how to set everything up and create a good environment for my cuttle. I made this blue print and I was wondering if you guys could tell me what you think and if it would work.


Thank you so much,
It will be black or blue acrylic. But as someone pointed out - silicon does not adhere that well to plexi-glass so the dividers might not stay in place. I am trying to think of a more permanent way to hold them. Glass would be an expensive alternative.
I do like the design but the tank itself might be too small if you're planning on getting captive bred cuttles. The only species being offered now is Sepia officinalis and the can attain mantle lengths of 40+cm.

We normally reccomend a 200gal tank for this species so a 6 by 2 foot tank would do pretty well. Btw, cuttles don't seem to bother with snails, while they're still small they will eat amphipods. Favourite foods seem to be crabs.

That said :welcome: to TONMO.com!!
200 gallons .. life is just full of surprises. But if I am going to do it right I am going to do it right. There is a custom glass store 2 blocks from my house. I am going to go there before the week is out. I want to see what they would quote me on a 80X24x24 or a 96x24x24. Would this monster tank be ok for an octo pet as well ? It would be nice to have versatility if I am going to go that big.

You say they tend to stay away from snails ? I have heard that saltwater guppies are a good food source - about how much does an single adult officinalis eat on a daily bases? What is that in dollars a day -- just curious.
A tank big enough for a cuttlefish would be a nice big tank for several possible species of octopus, so it could be multipurpose. But, only one octo in a tank!

if you are getting it custom made you should think about a wider tank especially with the trangular bits in the corners!!! it nedds to be able to turn around!!!

best would be 3' maybe but then you have to get a custom made stand too!!! bummer - it is much better though once you put in the triangles and liverock!!!
It's like a curse, when I get something in my head I work on it and work on it till no end. I made a life-size tank out of card board today (hey it’s cheep and gave me a realistic view of my goals). There is not really as much room as I thought. Oscar had a good point about making it 3 feet wide. It gave me enough room to put small pieces of live rock and still have enough room to clean the sides. Also providing ample turn around room for the cuttle. Only sadly I am not sure I have room for a 6ft by 3ft custom tank atm. But I do not want to give up the idea. What I can do is make a smaller scale Octo tank with the same principals. I would rather plan out something to it full extent then rush into something. This is a learning process and I would love to make this an open project. Any input and advice will be strongly considered.

I am going to work on the tanks design a little more tonight and let you know what I come up with.
sounds like a very good idea to me! I was all set to rush into it but realised there is no rush so i am making sure everything is perfect before i get my cuttle hopefully in february or late january and have been prepping for over a month already!!!
perhaps you could get experience with an octo then get a huge tank for a cuttle once you can and convert the smaller tank into a feeder tank or maybe a refugium or a seahorse tank or a coral propagation tank or a grow out tank or a hatchling tank or ohhhh the possibilities...lol :lol:

if only i had the money i would plaster the walls with tanks... but at age 16 wages are 7-10 $ so i am not so lucky - and then there is school... :x lol getting in the way of my cuttles!!!

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