Been out of it for a while and now coming back


Sep 5, 2003
Hey everyone, I haven't been on the ceph forums for a long time. I remember when Colin first started moderating this thing! Anyway, I've got a 135 gallon tank that seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. I had 4 fuzzy lionfish, one Tuskfish, and one Snowflake Eel. Now I only have the Eel and one lionfish that looks like it could buy the farm any day now. I have checked my levels and they all are normal. I guess I hit a spike when I hadn't checked. Also, I have a ton of filter feeding tubes that have sprung up on my sand floor, and I'm not sure if they are a good thing or a bad thing. Anyway, I'm thinking of starting over again with either an octopus or some cuttle fish. I don't think anyone has made any progress on getting the normal species of cuttles here in the states. Please tell me someone has gotten lucky on this! Anyway, let me know on the cuttles thing and if I need to invest in some sandsifting stars or if my sand bed is just doing it's job.
Hi Mike, long time no read..... hope you are well settled into your new place! oh, and i seen your CephList question but I'll answer it here..

Em, no.... things havnt got any better compared to what they were other than the fact that in the sales/wants forum, Jim AKA octopets is breeding bimacs on a regular basis and will possibly be turning his attention to cuttles in the near future... been a long time since an American mentoned cuttles at the LFS

so nothing good I'm Sorry!

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