BBC Planet Earth

Apr 3, 2003
I just saw the BBC Planet Earth episode called Ocean Deep, which includes remarkable footage of :nautilus: nautilus, dumbo octopus, Vampiroteuthis infernalis :vampyro:and schooling squid hunting smaller fish and being hunted by dolphins. This would be entertaining for anyone (especially anyone reading TONMO), and the series presents biological, geographical and ecological information without feeling 'educational' or 'good for you.'

The series is super-high budget, and David Attenborough narrates with his very calmly excited voice.

I'll look at the episode on reefs and report back. I think that one has cuttles.
oh! we just watched this, great show! the section on the vampire squid was fantastic, the episode narrated by Sigourney Weaver is top-notch too, "walking" octopus in it that was so neat, perplexed Dylan for hours:smile:
I really hate that discovery channel decided to remove Attenborough's narration and cut out some footage to allow extra commercials. I remember when the discovery channel wasn't just foul mouthed bikers and cash cab..............
I know how you feel bigGdelta, it was not so long ago that the discovery channel showed and abundance of nature shows, maybe not all sea life, but always something fascinating, now you have to wait and wait for them to show anything good. The funny thing is we have like 6 discovery channels, all of them are the same, before this program the last thing they played that was any good was Blue Planet (awesome) and that was soooo long ago. I guess that Chopper Show and cash cab bring more viewers :frown:
Even animal planet seems to have more dog shows and animal precincts than nature shows. I realize that they want to appeal to a wider audience, but it seems that they have forgotten about their core viewers. Guess they have burned through all the ABC (OZ), CBC, and BBC programs. Heck I would settle for reruns of some of the old classics. Anyone else remember In the Wild with Harry Butler?
By the way, the footage of the nautilus is some of the best (and only) I have seen, you dont see too much on those, and it was news to me (of course now it makes total sense) that they can't really see where they are going, when the nautilus bumped into the rock it was quite amusing, you don't see much on the nautilus, much less get to see one being clumsy.:smile:

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