Collection of octopus / oceanic / nature documentaries


Jul 16, 2010
I wasn't sure where to post this so feel free to move it. I didn't spot a list of documentaries on the site so I thought I'd gather some up here with the download links.

[Edit by tonmo: I've removed the links due to copyright concerns]

I have an HDTV so I've tried to find HD versions were possible as they look a lot better, but some are unfortunately only available in SD.

Discovery Channel: The Ultimate Guide: Octopus
(also discusses squid and cuttlefish)

National Geographic: Wild Search for The Giant Octopus
(concerns the Giant Pacific Octopus)

National Geographic: Octopus Volcano
(shows how octopuses can detect vibrations or sounds outside the human range of hearing as well as more general behavioural observations)

BBC: Predators - Special Agents (episode 3 of 6)
(contains a small section 10-15 minutes in about octopuses)

Your Tropical Aquarium Guide
(low budget Australian walk-through video about setting up a freshwater aquarium)

BBC: Last Chance To See
(over 6 episodes the presenters return to areas previously visited 20 years ago containing endangered species to see how they are doing - nothing cephalopod-specific)

BBC: Planet Earth (HD)
(11 episodes covering various places from jungle to cave to arctic to oceans - episodes 3 and 11 concern freshwater and deep oceans respectively - this is the best all-round nature documentary series I have seen from a cinematography standpoint)

BBC: The Blue Planet (SD)

Episode list:
1. The Blue Planet
2. The Deep
3. Open Ocean
4. Frozen Seas
5. Seasonal Seas
6. Coral Seas
7. Tidal Seas
8. Coasts

Discovery: The Blue Realm

Episode list:

1. Tentacles
2. Giants of San Benedicto
3. Miracle Venom
4. Shark Business

(I haven't seen this series yet so don't know if it is good or not)

BBC: Life (HD)
(episode 1 has a section about the Giant Pacific Octopus)

BBC: Oceans (HD)

Episode list:

1. Sea of Cortez
2. Southern Ocean
3. Red Sea
4. Atlantic Ocean
5. Indian Ocean
6. Indian Ocean Coastal Waters
7. Mediterranean Sea
8. Arctic Ocean

Hope that helps - please add any I missed :smile:
Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Some additions:

Amours de la pieuvre (1965)... aka Love Life of the Octopus by French filmmaker, inventor, politician Jean Painleve

"The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" The Night of the Squid (1970)

Jean-Michel Cousteau : "Ocean Adventures . Spectacular Squid" | PBS

Nova - "Kings of Camouflage"

"Chasing Giants: On the Trail of the Giant Squid" with Steve O'Shea

"Incredible Suckers" with footage at NRCC - PBS

"The Octopus Show" - PBS

More to come later...
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