BBC Article on O'Shea's Squid Sex-Romp Excursion

More on Steve's gonads

For a while, O'Shea caught baby Architeuthis and tried to raise them in captivity. They all died. So now he's branching out. "In the freezer, we have 40 to 50 kilograms of squid gonad," he says. "We're going to squirt out a soup of male and female gonads, and hopefully one will be attracted . . . and come up to the camera." The squid could attempt to mate with the camera, he says. Or, one hopes, with another squid.

40 to 50 kgs but the question remains how many gonads to the kilogram?


Squid love, it turns out, starts with a 5-foot-long penis and may include homosexuality, cannibalism, even group sex. Ahem.

Ahem indeed.

LOL Steve I'm afraid this is the Internet and all our dirty secrets come home to roost :frown:

Anyway for this to get into risque territory we'd require a moustachioed lothario and we don't have one.

Hold on I believe there is some breaking news being handed to me - see attachment for further details.