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Nov 20, 2002
Saturday, Jess and I took off for Baltimore Aquarium on a whim. We arrived there around 2Pm stayed till 6 PM and went back the next morning, at 9AM. If you ever get the chance to visit, our timing was absolulely perfect. The crowds were just about non existant! We spent several hours in front of the GPO tank! I found out she had laid non-fertile eggs several months ago and had continued to eat. She was exhibiting the typical behavior of an octo nearing the end of her life, which was sad, but gave people a fantastic look at every part of her body as she was climbing around her tank, and even trying to swim. I was told she's about 3 to 4 years old. Her size was amazing and her largest sucker had to be almost 3 inches, plus. Flashes are not aloud so the only shot I was able to get was of her suckers as she passed by the top of her tank. We also observed a very pregnant dolphin who is supposed to be due end of March, early May! Amazing she was still as active as the rest of the pod with the belly she had!
OHHH very cool! I am going "up north" on a trip to Boston this week, I hope I get a chance to check out Baltimore on the way through *crosses tentacles*
If folks are planning on hitting up the Balt aquarium, I'd love to tag along... I'm only an hour away here by DC.. I really like the place.. My closest ceph resource (to my knowledge) is the National Zoo..
The Baltimore Aquarium is a great establishment - I just wish they had GPOs there back in the '90s when I lived in the area. I did really enjoy the sloth in the rain forest exhibit near the top of the building. Just across the harbour from the aquarium, right at the foot of Fort McKennrey, is one of my favorite art museums in the U.S. - the American Visionary Art Museum. Well worth a check-out, it's a terrific repository of "Outsider Art". Also, nothing beats a Maryland crabcake!

The walk through of the USS Torsk is pretty cool too. It's a WWII submarine that is part of the Baltimore Maritime Museum. Funny thing about the Baltimore Maritime Museum: there's no museum. It consisits of a WWII sub, a WWII coast guard cutter (USS Taney), the Chesapeake lightboat, and a little lighthouse. If you're in the inner harbor and looking for a way to kill a few hours, it's worth the admission. Don't go on the sub if you're claustrophobic though. WWII submariners must have been midgets.

I'd really like to spend more time in that neck of the woods. I haven't been to the aquarium in about 14 years. Every time I'm back there I'm with family members who don't want to do anything but visit with me. As if I want to talk to any of them. :wink:
Sounds like you guys had a nice time :smile:

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We were on the Coastguard Cutter! We also did the ride that takes you to the depths of the sea and shooting through the air along with waterspraying you, seats jarring you and air blasting!!! Was very cool, but I must admit at times I shut my eyes! Didn't see the sloth this time, I had to keep an eye on Jess that she didn't grab any of those tiny blue frogs they have populating the rainforest....Wouldn't think they were poisen dart loose but you never know! I plan a return trip probably within the month or so, cause I want to see that new baby dolphin and I'm curious to see who they replace the GPO with, so anyone wanting to meet, I will post when I go!
Yep, those are little blue poison dart frogs (Azureus, I think?? )...but no worries...for some odd reason, they lose all toxicity in captivity...none of the captive bred frogs are at all dangerous...

Sounds like a very cool place to visit...more pics !!
You should see the new exhibit they are working on. Anyway a few more pics. I am amazed the pregnant one kept up with the rest!
Carol, those are awesome pics !!!! Is that using your new camera??? Fantastic !
Thanks Greg! Actually I used a Canon Digital Rebal 6.2 that I have had sitting due to fear on using it...Silly huh?

Anyway, while we were in the dolphin show, both days, I noticed someone was sitting noting something by one of the pools. We asked and found out it was the male dolphin being 24hr. monitored because he was sick. When I went to their website this morning there was a breaking story about him.
cthulhu77 said:
Yep, those are little blue poison dart frogs (Azureus, I think?? )...but no worries...for some odd reason, they lose all toxicity in captivity...none of the captive bred frogs are at all dangerous...

They lose toxicity in captivity?!?! :shock: The mind boggles. Is this only the blue ones or various dendrobates? I'm playing hooky tomorrow to go to the Central Park Zoo to visit their great collection of tiny photogenic formerly toxic frogs.

cthulhu77 said:
for some odd reason, they lose all toxicity in captivity...none of the captive bred frogs are at all dangerous...

would it be safe to guess its their diet? i was thinking along the lines of wild/farm raised blowfish....

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