baby octo or wacky wall walker?


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Jul 13, 2008
This little one was at my LFS the day I picked up some "squid eggs" to ship to another member. My 55 gal has been waiting for a new resident since Artemis died :sagrin:. Of course, all they could tell me was that it's from the Pacific. For a size reference, the toy blocks are 2cm cubes. It is nocturnal but will come out as early as 9:30 in the evening and stay out until 8 am or so. It is mottled red and brown, with what seems like some lighter spots but not a lot of iridescence. All the arms are in regular proportions, not like the long front armed macropus we've seen lately. It is entirely possible it's too tiny to have many distinguishing characteristics...


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that's awesome

that's so cool seeing your octopus climbing around make's you appreciate them just that much more seeing them doing there daily routine up close and personal. Great picture's also.


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fishkid6692;134945 said:
looks like a merc to me.

Not a merc- from the Pacific, but I'm wondering if it's a boki... I was hoping it's a baby macropus and not a dwarf, but it looks a lot like the boki photos in Norman's.
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No help on ID here but glad you are pouring over the book I so strongly recommended.:biggrin2:

Your reference blocks do seem to show the right proportions and size for a bocki (full grown I'm afraid). Have you seen the underside to see if the referenced black spots are visible?
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YES, unfortunately... One of the things I noticed still in the bag was that there are black spots on the underside of the mantle- they looked so much like immature chromataphores of the newly hatched aculeatus I've had.

I say "unfortunately" because I agree with you D that if this one is a boki then it is fully grown. I was so hoping for a baby something... The way my luck goes in 2 more weeks she'll be brooding!:banghead:
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