Baby briarius update


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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi all,

I wish I had good news here, but I haven't seen a baby octo since last Friday. I suppose it's still possible one or two are hiding very well (and I think they have to learn to hide), but I've even looked with a flashlight. The only thing I haven't done is to get up in the middle of the night and look. Briarius are supposed to be night active.

I have seen no bodies (and my water intake is covered, so they can't have disappeared inside the filter). In some ways this has been a success, because the babies found food and did grow bigger.

What I didn't count on were predators in the live rock - worms mostly, I think. I had constructed many safe places (small shells, tubes) for the little guys, but they insisted on going straight for holes in the live rock.

So I'm not giving up totally, and I will count this as a partial success whatever, but I wish I had better news to report. I really liked the baby octos.

Maybe they're just so secure in their world, they have found many hiding places!!! Hopefully you will be walking by the tank and find one plastered on the front again, with a huge growth spurt!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you and the little ones!!!


I hope you see one soon. I know you reported earlier that they were out and about during the day. Maybe they finally adjusted to being noct. like you said, and are out all around at night. I sure hope that is it!!!
Dont feel bad Nancy, I havent seen one yet but the baby clams sure are bringing them out, at night i guess :P Maybe one day they will be big enough for me to actually see one :roll:

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