Baby Bimac now has a name!


O. vulgaris
Jan 2, 2004
After much debate I've finally come up with a name for my baby. I am calling him Ashi, which is Japanese for legs. Ashi is doing great. I can see already that he's gonna be like a teenage boy and eat me out of house and home! :lol: He's really growing fast. While he's not much on socializing yet, he will come out for food. He seems to really like ghost shrimp. He's also developed a taste for the astrea snails. The last 2 mornings I have found him in his pvc pipe munching down on an astrea. Whenever we have company now eveyone wants to see Ashi. I can usually coax him out with ghost shrimp and all, including myself are amazed with his movement and the color flashes he displays. Simply awesome! I recently added a 20g sump to my system. This has dropped the temp in the tank from 74 to 70 degrees. I had anticipated having to buy a chiller, but I'm not so sure now. I may not need it if I add a fan or 2 to blow on the sump when it gets warmer. I updated the database with a full tank pic.
Thanks, Carol and Nick. He came from pet I haven't seen him playing with the ball yet. It was a cat toy that had a bell in it. I removed the bell and replaced it with a couple small shells. I'm hoping he will get curious and try to get the shells out if it.

Spring :smile:
BOE, I heard that fish supply got their babies from octopets, but when I questioned the guy at fish supply all he would tell me was that they came from a breeder in San Diego.

I'm sorry, I just realized that previously I said I got him from pet supply, It was Fish doh!

Spring :smile:
Hi Joel. Yes, that shell is his plate. It's something I learned from keeping seahorses. It's much easier to feed seahorses if you can gather them all up in one spot. Just done some research and found that San Diego is only 30 minutes away from Carlsbad. So I would say it is possible that Ashi came from octopets too. If anyone should speak with the people at Octopets, will you ask them if they supply, fish supply with their octo's? I would call them myself but since I didn't buy him at Octopets, I'd feel a little odd asking them. I think I'll call Fish Supply again, Maybe if I explain why I want to know where he came from, the folks there will be more cooperative.

I want Ashi to be a sibling too!

Spring :smile:
About a week ago, someone posted that fishsupply did indeed get their octos from octopets. Try doing a search for fishsupply and octopets and see if you can see who said that.
I was not the one who posted that, but I have it from a good source that Octopets does provide the bimacs for Fish Supply.

Octopets is a breeder in San Diego (just outside of it, on the coast).

In fact, it may be that all baby bimacs are now coming from Octopets.

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