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Australian Blue ringed octopus pics


Mar 10, 2004
G"Day everyone ....I have not been on here for a while but some of you may remember me talking about Aussie blue ringed octopus ..well since I was last here I have bred over 170 baby blueringed and only lost about 20 babys ..all the young now have been released back into Sydney harbour ..I have submitted some pics for you all to see and hope you find them interesting ..I a few of the shots you can accually see the baby blue ringed eyes and arms ..

Yours underwater

David Baxter
Sharkman Productions Australia
hi david

very interesting thing you have done :smile:

sorry i have lots of questions...

What species of BRO is it? There are a couple from Aussie seas

How many batches did it take to get 170?

What size did you release them at and what foods did you give them?

Where did the shots go?

again sorry for all the questions but myself and a lot of other members will be thrilled to learn more.

Hi David,

Let me say welcome to TONMO.com again! We would very much like to see your photos and also hear more about the blue ringed octos.

Yes, I agree with Colin - please give us many more details about what you've been doing. It sounds so interesting.

And please fill us in on behavior and personality of your octopuses, too!

Hmmmm...still no response?
Hope there wasn't an "oy, the little bugger bit me" from his area!!!

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