Arrow Squid gonad staging question


O. vulgaris
Feb 22, 2007
Hi all, is anyone out there able to help me find out how to determine the stage of maturity of the gonads of female Arrow squid (for the purposes of this question that includes Notodarus sloanii and Notodarus gouldi), and perhaps more importantly, does anyone have any resources (like pictures or diagrams) that would help to show someone else how to determine this?
I used the Lipinski scale for N. sloanii in my thesis, which I then modified on the basis of my histology. I don't have the scales with me at the moment (on my laptop, which is at home!) But I can email the relevant part of my thesis to you on Sunday. Can you pm me your email addy (I think I have it somewhere, but can't put my mitts on it immediately!). No pics sorry.....wasn't thinking there.


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