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Are These All Right?


Jul 11, 2003
I just bought a couple of things in my tank and i want to know if it is ok if i keep them in. One thing i think is called a chilli pepper, and the other is a mushroom.
They are ok as the mushroom coral are photosythetic (if im not wrong) and won't harm the octo. The "chilli pepper" looks like a harmless sponge
I think the first pic is coral??? I have no coral books to hand with the renovation work I'm doing just now but maybe someone else has a book to hand to be able to name it...?

And the 2nd pic is disk anemones that are photosythetic but will also catch small pieces of left over food from the octo or you can hand feed them tiny pieces of shrimp and stuff like that and they grow bigger faster...
at night the sponge gets all spikey, and looks very cool. The guy at the store told me that they eat like filter feeders do. He said that they eat this stuff called "Combo Vital" i guess its a marc weiss product if anyone has heard of him.

thanks guys.

p.s- Rocky has been doing a lot of hiding lately :frown:
Combo Vital works fine, just don't feed them too much...you can crash a tank real fast that way! :frown:
Congrats on your progress with your tank...really coming along great!
hey everyone,

So its cool if i keep these things in my tank right? Also, i put in a feather duster. I am aware that these thinga are at risk when the octo gets bigger and starts moving things around, but i am willing to chance it. However, i am not sure how often i should feed the things in my tank. Any thought?

thanks again guys :smile:
i used to feed the mushroom anemones weekly and i think the dusters will be okay just catching floating leftovers from the octopus... Mine lived fine with cuttles with no extra feedings

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