are there people that actually believe in cthulhu?


Apr 25, 2007
I don't know that much about cthulhu, but wasn't it just something made up in H.P. lovecraft's story? Are there actually cults that worship a flying squid monster? I mean if there's a religion that worships an alien named xenu, I wouldn't be suprised if there was actually people who worship this thing.
Dangerous territory for your first post there, MiniKraken. But :welcome: , hope his followers don't devour you before you get to post again. :wink:
you mean its possible to NOT believe in the cthuhu?

just kidding, personally, i think that cthulhu is kindof cute... in an awww sort of way...

Heh, do you expect the members of a secret organisation (probably controling some of the largest corporate entities) step out and say "fhtagn"? :sagrin:

And, on a more serious note, it depends upon how do you define "real worship"...
all good post-modernists believe that fictional reality is just as real as any other, don't they?

Anyway, :welcome: to TONMO!
No, Minikraken, absolutely not. No chance at all. None at all. Really. But thank you for making your initial post here at on the Cthulhu Forum, I appreciate it.:welcome: ! Yeah, all totally invented by H.P. Lovecraft. Really. Such cults only exist in fiction. Really. Just don't go to Those folks are total carnies. Charlatans. Uh, really. No such cults or believers are out there. Hey, thanks for joining.:cthulhu:
None of us believe in Great Cthulhu.

None of us worship him in goatskins in front of his glorious idol on dark midsummer nights.

If you ever run into someone who claims to actually believe such a farce, deny, deny, deny, then counteraccuse and demand proof.

Then, of course, you need to be careful of strangers who may follow you with large eyes and shallow neck lines.

I certainly don't believe in Cthulhu.

No really.

I don't worship Cthulhu.

I worship Hastur:wink:

Nah, it's all just very good fiction written by a very tallented author with a magnificent imagination. Shoggoths are real though, you see enough of them in town on a saturday night. Have to keep dodging them on the pavement.
As you say, people will worship anything :wink:

If I recall correctly in the original Cthulu story the boat that had the misfortune to find R'lyeh had headed out from NZ. It gives the lat/long of it to so perhaps we should send one of our research vessels out there to do a couple of sampling trawls in the name of literary science to settle the question once and for all. :kiwiflag:
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