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May 30, 2000
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December 14, 2000
TOKYO: With regard to commercial fishing in and around Japan, an article was published on this day about whaling and its perceived affect on marine life, with particular interest in sardine, mackerel, and squid. Basically, the President of the Japan Whaling Association (JWA) is taking an opportunity to express his belief that "a whale sanctuary in the South Pacific as proposed by NZ is absurd."

November 3, 2000
MADRID: A giant Taningia danae weighing 275 pounds was caught today (11/3/00) off the coast of northern Spain. To give you an idea of how unusually large it is, cephalopod expert Richard Ellis previously stated that Taningia danae typically weigh in at 135 pounds. You can read his statements in 1998 on this animal by visiting this site.

October 13, 2000
BOSTON: Friday the 13th delivered some bad news for the individual who got himself into trouble for stocking up illegally on loligo squid (as previously reported on this site (see below)). Now, the headline on Friday's PR Newswire said it all "New Bedford Fish Dealer Admits to False Statements, Reports U.S. Attorney." This was the official report of his pleading guilty (which was previously reported on TONMO.com back in June of 2000).

September 23, 2000
From Environmental News Network: El Nino May Skew the Balance of Marine Ecosystem
-- toward the end of this article (by author Margot Higgins), there is a brief explanation with regard to El Nino and its effect on squid populations. There's not a whole lot of upside to having a life-span of six months -- this article reinforces that notion. (This article mentions that "squid" have a life span of six months -- the species is not identified, however. The Loligo paelei, or common long-finned squid, is believed to have a life span of 2 years. Other sources commonly claim that squid in general have a 1 year life span. The life span of the infamous Architeuthis, or Giant Squid, is unknown.)

September 17, 2000
Hey kids! There's a new show coming to Nickelodeon -- Oswald the Octopus. To quote the press release, "Oswald is a show about a blue octopus who lives in a whimsical city with his best friends, a pet hot dog, penguin and daisy." Now, we all know that the blue-ringed octopus of Australia is one of the few octopuses with a deadly venom. I'm hoping Oswald is not the venemous type.

August 25, 2000
The Internet has just become a better place. According to a press release from Caribbean WebCams, LLC (reprinted on TONMO.com with permission), the world's first permanent underwater reef WebCam (a.k.a., "ReefCam") has been placed in the waters off Bonaire. Grab yourself

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