arabic cuttlefish


Blue Ring
Feb 3, 2003
Well I am getting them in here tomorrow with any luck.... one thing though. I did all of my research on size and hardiness so I definitely want it but have never seen a picture of the little guy. The ones I am getting in are 3 cm long or so. I have lots of growing time to enjoy them but again never seen em. So, um anyone seen pics..... and yes I am asking here because I looked everywhere I could on the web.

Oh yes, this is state side my friends life is good :lol: :talker:
Sorry i have nothing... just make sure you have a digi camera to hand so we can change all that when you get yours... good luck and I hope they travel okay :smile:
AHHHHHHHHH, well they were shipped today. To bad they went to florida instead of Vegas :x morons then shiped in back to Vegas by the time it was back here the bags in the boxes had no ice and every thing was dead because the bags exploded......... someone is gonna pay. To top it all off they shiped me an extra one at no charge as a surprise.
That's a shame, i am sorry to hear about that...

What's the next step?
No they won't replace them, it was insured so I am out nothing but still I am very pissed at the moment. I may try agian don't know yet.

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