aquaculture class


Apr 20, 2004
heyyyy so im doing a project for my aquaculture class. for the project we pick an organism and figure out everthing about it and if we can grow and sell it profitably having troulbe finding out how much i could sell an octopus for.....either the common (vulgaris) or the caribbean reef (briareus) ...... o ya and im mainly intrested in selling for aquariums and stuff...not really food.....but if anyone knows food pricers....that would be helpfull too....but im deff more intrested in the price just for aquariums.......well thanx anyyyyyy help i get would be awesome
well, briareus is from the florida not californian area if that helps :)

vulgaris is a small egg species and virtually impossible to rear the young but briareus is a large egg species and so is bimaculoides which would be easier candidates...

People are already supplying the pet trade with captive bred octopuses check out
thanxxx a bunch... that site was really helpful.... so i guess iim guna be "pretend growing" briareus.......umm i dont think i have anymore questions but thanx for the help!

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