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Anyone ever buy an octopus from a fish market?

Feb 20, 2005
I think there were some threads about this in the past, in particular, a seafood co-op in NJ. But, as I recall, this didn't pan out.

Driving on an errand today, I passed a large Asian seafood market. I wonder if any of these places sell live octopuses?

Reading on the net, I've heard of other places that sell live octopuses, such as this one in NY:

Anyone ever see a live octopus at any of these stores?
If you found someone selling live ones, I think the biggest hurdles would be age and condition. The animal is probably not going to be very young, but that's part of the game with wild caught cephs--be they from a market or not. The animal probably isn't very happy in its surroundings and might have chewed through a few arms.

On the other hand the price is probably worth it. Anytime you order an octopus online you're taking a big risk, usually with ~$100. I would accept a greater risk for a smaller investment!

Well, I couldn't wait too long. I snuck out of the office and went to the fish store. They had refrigerated octopuses, but no live ones. Also had refrigerated cuttlefish. They did have a pretty good live selection of 'common' fish however.

I might stop by later next week and ask someone there if they ever get live ones in.

They did have a nice supply of live crabs, though they would most likely be too big for young octopuses.

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