anyone else keeping carnivorous plants or orchids???

Very Nice!!! I had a commission for a piece with "black" orchids in it two years ago...a Madagascar longnose vine snake crawling on the epiphytic vine...took me forever to find some pics of live specimens!
Per Shanlyn: she says she is very jealous of your green thumb...even when she was in california, her orchids never looked that good! :)
Colin, your plants all look terrific. I gave up keeping demanding plants because they died whenever I went away. We had a nice collection of very little African orchids, and some more common Phalanopsis (yours looks extremely good!). Now that I am traveling less, I should bring in some more exotic plants. Windoboxes with petunias, rosemary and varied kitchen herbs are not the same!

Hi all
thanks for the comments

Greg, my gf seen Langaha in Madagascar when she was working over there for a few months, got a big bumpy nose apparantly LOL and that is a really cool pic...

No lids on the plants... i do have a humidity gauge in the house and it tends to be quite high all the time, well high for scotland and that's because of the big fish tank which is open topped, so the humidity sits at about 70 - 90% (30% at the window on a hot day) .... However, the carnivores dont really need high humidity and are really easy to keep... all you need is moss peat substrate, full sun window sill and only use RO water at 1" in a tray all the time

The orchids get sprayed with RO water twice a day and they are potted in Fir bark chips except the Paphios which are in a peat/sand/perlite mix

next time I'll get a better background LOL

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