Any breeders out there?


Oct 20, 2004
Hey folks. I'm looking to get in touch with breeders (not retailers). Anyone out there a breeder or know any they can get me in touch with?

Why you ask? Well...since you asked :) ...

I'm building a web site focused on aquisition of equipment for raising your own cuttlefish. Think of it as picking up where Tonmo leaves off. It will offer suggested equipment for different types of Cuttles at different stages in their development and direct links to online retailers to purchase the equipment. In a nut shell: here's what you need; here's when you need it; here's where to get it; here's how to set it up and; here's how to maintain it - an interactive checklist for keeping a Cuttle.

I'm already in the works of setting up distribution agreements with many product manufacturer's and affiliations with on-line retailers for tanks, filtration, chemicals, etc...etc.

I am looking for breeders who may be willing to offer the centerpiece products to the web site visitors (the cuttles). In addition to allowing them to sell the cuttles through the web site, the site will provide anticipated availability dates (based on breeder input), take pre-orders when cuttles are not available and more.
octopets is the only large scale breeder I am aware of here in CONUS...any smaller breeders out there ?
I am breeding bandensis at the moment, but availability is sporadic. Do you have a site up already that we could look at?
not done yet

The site is not up yet. I'm not going to begin building it until I have a good idea what services I will provide - which is dependent on the vendors I can secure and more research on forums (like Tonmo) to identify what people will want. Development will begin in the next couple weeks - estimated completion by beg of July.

Just an idea of what to expect:

The goal (or mission) is to provide a resource that makes cuttlefish ownership as easy as possible for anyone.

The site will be built around the "cycle" of owning a cuttle. Starting folks off with deciding if owning a cuttle is right for them, what to know before hand, preperation, aquisition (of materials and the cuttles), feeding, maintenence, tankmates, breeding, etc - all in chronological fashion so people can easily jump to the portion of the site that applies to where they are in the stage of thier cuttle relationship. Each 'stage' will be complimented with articles, recommendations, discussions, products, etc appropriate to that stage.

Hybrid eCommerce: I will be building a custom eCommerce engine for folks to purchase anythng/everything they will need for thier cuttles' lifetime. I wont be actually selling most of the items myself - which is where the hybrid component comes in to play - it will link to websites that sell what I don't (directly to the product) - and can act as a passthru for selling items that can be drop shipped (i.e. you cuttle breaders will be able to sell your cuttles thru the site - the site will keep track of stock, expected availibility dates, backordering ,etc). All eComm components (direct selling, forward to other sites and pass-thru selling) will be presented via the same engine so it wont seem disjointed like mosts sites that attempt hybrid eComm.

Customized "your account" area for tracking your own progress, uploading pics, journaling your experience and requesting help from others.

Discussion Forums / Live chat tools / articles will also be included

If successful with cuttles, I will be duplicating the engine for other pet specialties.

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