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another ebay octopus

i got crabs

May 19, 2005
if anyone has a second go to ebay and check out what the seller has described as a zebra banded octopus. im not sure what to think of this, so i choose not to think anymore.
someone who has 'been in the aquarium industry for over 15 years importing products... never seen or heard of anything quite like this animal' ... and is selling it on Ebay (!!) said:
I will send you the tank and all materials in it (coral, etc.) for an additional $250

Alternately :mad: and cringing...
Wowza! From his description it doesn't sound like he's been in the biz for that long....and this is coming from someone who's only been in it for six years.

:mad: OOOh boy...people like that should be mauled...hung out to dry...quartered...decollated...and then be tortured !
I cant believe that it is within the rules on eBay?

eBay.co.uk at least seem to be very strict about animal listings, even to the point they wont let you sell anything which is not on their lists and adverts for animals tend to disappear very quickly. I have reported stuff to eBay in the past before with good results.

Past examples have been axolotls and tree frogs.

Also, $500 is just crazy money for something with a couple months to live.

Wonder if the winning buyer will end up here looking for info?
Yeah, they'll be one of those posts that we get so often:
" I jut bout a octo on ebay, is a 10g witha powur filtr will work ?"

Well, Tony gives you a course in internet understanding when you become a staff member.

"thanx, my englis gramar is gettin bettr evry tyme eI tipe"

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