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May 30, 2000
Please excuse our dust! We're revamping TONMO.com for the new year!

See our new [url2="[URL="http://www.tonmo.com/forums"]Forum list[/URL]"]Forum Index[/url2].

NOTE: If you are having problems logging in to the site, please clear your cookies. If the problem persists, please email me.

For info on the changes, [url2="[URL="http://www.tonmo.com/community/index.php?threads/3433/"][NOTICE]: TONMO.com overhaul[/URL]"]view this thread[/url2]. More info to come!
I'm loving it, Big T. Novelty rulez!

(I'm using this new "Quick Reply" thingy. This would've been a dangerous feature for the site to have had back in my heyday.)
I've never sent a direct message to you before, Tony, but let me just say that I'm so appreciative that you've done so much for all of us. Your wife had a brilliant suggestion (as wives tend to have) and I'm glad you made it a reality. I'm not an aquarium-owner at present (landlord won't allow it), but will be a ceph-owner someday. Thank you so much for everything. This site ROCKS. Good man, good job.

Erich :notworth:
Not able to make new posts


I cannot start new subjects on this site!

How can this be?

I am frightened beyond reason!

I am blacking out!


Seriously, I can't start new posts on my own. May the self-pity begin.


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