Amusing news story


TONMO Supporter
Nov 19, 2002
OK, it's non-ceph but well worth a look.

The first ever example of whale flatulence has been captured on film. "It stinks" stated an expert.

Whale flatulence
Hilarious stuff, except for the statement "Internationally there is a big push ... saying there are now too many whales eating too many fish and so we have to kill them" :x
Isn't it Iceland that has a big push on to start killing whales again?
Wait a minute, I thought we were discussing my flatulence problem!! Suddenly it turns into a debate on the killing of whales?

Actually, I got the impression that the article was pushing the research about whales to see what kind of impact they were having on fishing. Whether or not the writers of the article want to kill more whales (and it does seem like they do) the people doing the research will most likely find that whales have a very small effect when compared to the total industry itself.

It could turn out to be an argument AGAINST killing whales - a good thing in my opinion.
However, the episode did not detract from their mission, which was to collect DNA from whale dung and attach satellite tracking devices in the first research of its kind to track where the creatures go and what and how much they eat.

I'm not an ecologist, but attaching satelite tracking devices to dung??

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